Excuses for going back to drugs

The reasons for people relapsing even after treatment for drug addiction
Old habits die hard is a common adage and it quite applicable to drug addicts who go back to abusing drugs even after attending a detoxifying program and counseling at rehab centers. Loved ones put them there with hope of their improvement but this rarely happens as when they come back, their need and desire for drugs seem to have become stronger than before. Normally it is during these relapses that drug overdose occurs and at times can be disastrous.

Excuses for going back to drugs

For most people drugs are a choice not a compulsion. They get addicted to it and do not want to make an effort to drop the habit. They begin to give many excuses for their relapse and the reasons why their drug addiction treatment failed. It is never their fault, the fault lies with the treatment center. Very few are able to accept their problem without blaming others and seek for a treatment as a permanent solution to break free of their addiction and leave it behind forever.
A difference can only be made when the intention of coming clean and being free of this addiction is strong. An addict has to discover for himself/herself the real cause of the addiction and address the root problem with an attempt of overcoming it permanently. If they are able to do this, chances are that they will not have a relapse irrespective of the quality of treatment that they have received for their drug addiction.

The causes of the habit

There have been various conclusions regarding the cause of drug addiction. While some say that it is the result of genetic pre-disposition, others feel that a chaotic childhood is the root cause. However, psychologist agrees that addictive behaviors are a result of both chaotic environment for upbringing and genetic pre-disposition. There are many who get addicted to alcohol and opioids. Both are nervous system depressions slowing down the mind and the body.
Those who are taking these drugs are always anxious and upset and they take resort to self medication. It is likely that they can do well in therapy or controlled drug prescriptions and they do not want to accept their problems and feel that they are using drugs as a recreation while actually they are trying to medicate their anxiety and depression.
The ones who like to be aroused prefer taking drugs like meth and cocaine, going into a spiral of ups and downs which can cause severe permanent body damage. Whatever the cause, drug addicts will spend their last penny to get their next hit. The reason is that if they stop using the drugs their mind feels as if it is dying. Habits of stealing develop so that they can purchase the drug they are addicted to.
Most of them desire to experience their first high again and the only way to do this is by taking more drugs. They do not want to quit as they feel they could die. Moreover quitting simply means that they will need to utilize their sober mind to sort out all the harm that they have done to their body.

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