The manufacture of illicit drugs

Manufacturing of drugs is a risk to the community and can occur in various locations which include motels, houses, cars and rural properties. The chemicals that are used to manufacture them are extremely toxic. You can well comprehend if a commercial premises or a home is being used for manufacturing illicit drugs. Some of the sure signs are people carrying lab equipment into the premises, presence of many empty alkaline or acidic containers as well as drawn curtains or windows that are shielded during daylight hours. Labs are also used for producing illicit drugs and to know that it a clandestine laboratory you will notice a suspicious look in the drains, chemical smells that are persistent and too many chemical containers in the premises.

The manufacture of Cannabis

The manufacturing and growing of Cannabis occurs more often in what is known as a ‘grow house’. This can include a house, backward, shed or any rural location. They are often very complex as they involve Hydroponic equipments and set-ups. To alert you about Cannabis being grown in your neighborhood, there are certain tell-tale signs which can include lights switching on and off but no resident appearing. Unusual interior lightings, water or fans running continuously along with people moving in and out at odd hours. There can also be an appearance of electrical transformers, large quantities of plastic pots, lights and sheds along with huge quantities of fertilizers, plastic tubs and irrigation pipes in the premises. You may also notice gardens that are unattended as well as refuse that is not collected.
If you notice such suspicious activities related to illicit drugs you need to report the crime to the relevant department. It is a criminal offense and a person can be charged with drug manufacturing even if the finished product is not complete. In many states manufacturing or cultivation of illicit drugs carry very stiff sentences, even more than that of drug trafficking or possessing of drugs.  Click for link

How is Meth made?

One of the most commonly used illicit drugs is Meth which is made by mixing various forms of Amphetamine or Derivatives with chemicals in order to boost its potency. These dangerous chemicals are very explosive and those who manufacture Meth are usually disoriented and can get burnt severely or even killed when their preparations explode. These accidents can be dangerous to the buildings or homes nearby as a lot of toxic waste is created. Exposure to this waste material can make a person sick or even poison him to death. As a basis for the production of this drug, common pills that are used as a remedy for cold are often used. The extract ingredients of the ‘Meth Cook’ is taken from these pills and in order to increase the strength the substance is combined with chemicals such as lantern fuel, back tree acid, drain cleaner and also anti-freeze.
There are many other illicit drugs that are manufactured by the mixing of chemicals and are highly explosive endangering the lives of those involved in their manufacture.

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